Personal Gaited Horse Trainer

Personal Gaited Horse Trainer
20 hours +/- per week
Experienced in training, exercising, caring for Gaited Horses
Experience in providing routine riding lessons.
Passionate about horses and being outdoors
Enthusiastic and positive attitude
Agile and fit - must be able to carry out training, riding and exercise related activities without assistance
Dedicated to turning out quality, happy horses
This is a wonderful opportunity for a qualified Trainer who has a great philosophy and training style to work with beautiful horses in a picturesque, friendly, and personal environment. Please e-mail us the reason you are interested in this opportunity and be sure to include your resume or a description of your horse training experience, including your training style. If you'd like to be contacted, you need to also include an email address or a phone number that we can contact you if it looks like you have what we're looking for.

Don't Be Fooled

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